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I’m a writer, artist, teacher and consultant living in central North Carolina.


Creatively, I write and make art inspired by books, stories, creativity and women's lives.


Professionally, I speak and teach on a variety of topics, review books for Publishers Weekly, edit the online journal Society Nineteen, and help writers of both fiction and nonfiction with issues of clarity, craft and connection.


Personally, I take too many naps, start too many books and artworks, own too many throw pillows, wish I could still wear killer stilettos, and always crave salted caramel gelato, even when I’ve just had salted caramel gelato. 

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the digital world. I'm glad you're here.


Grief Country: A new edition of the book is now available with reflection prompts and pages that enrich the original book.


Speaking and teaching: After a hiatus during the depths of the pandemic, I've got a varied new slate of speaking and teaching topics lined up for 2024. Want to know what's behind a book cover, how being more catlike can fuel your creativity, why Jane Austen is big business, or how you can write your memoir or other life-based narrative more easily and effectively? Schedule one of my seminars, workshops or talks for your group today.

Consulting: I'm not taking on new projects at the moment, but I invite writers who haven't worked with me to take advantage of my free book clarity call.  


Society Nineteen: The Society is back from its extended holiday break with new interviews and reviews.

Publishers Weekly: My recent reviews cover excellent fiction by Zadie Smith, Claire McMillan, Jennifer Cody Epstein, Ritu Mukerji, Liz Hyder, Rachel Beanland, Maria Dong, Monika Helfer, Ausma Zehanat Kahn, Kate Manning, Stephen May and Kai Thomas among others. I've also had the chance to chat with Beanland and Thomas, both of whom are fascinating and thoughtful writers. 

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