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Society Nineteen


Ever since I encountered books by Arthur Conan Coyle and Frances Hodgson Burnett in childhood, I've been fascinated by the nineteenth century, a time unimaginably different from our own yet also the first recognizably modern era. I created Society Nineteen to celebrate and share the work of contemporary authors who write about that complex, contradictory, and fiercely creative century.

So19 features interviews with many of those writers and reviews of favorite C19-inflected books. Coving a wide range of voices, topics, and genres, the site explores everything from comic Regency mysteries to intricate works of historical scholarship.

It's been my pleasure and my honor to feature interviews with Tasha Alexander, April Bernard, Sandra Dallas, Charles Finch, Anna Lee Huber, Helen Humphreys, Sarah McCoy, David Morrell, Robert Morrison, Chris Nickson, Charles Palliser, and Deanna Raybourn among others on the site.

I hope you'll pay Society Nineteen a visit. No footman, barouche, or corset required.

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