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Free Writing Clarity Call


Are you struggling to move forward clearly with your current book or other writing project in progress?

Maybe you're unsure how to assess what you've written so far...what to do about a book element such as images or authors' notes...what publication path serves you and your book best...or how to connect most powerfully with readers.

If so, my free 45-minute Writing Clarity Call might help.

You'll complete a brief worksheet before our appointment, and your answers will guide our chat.


This is a personalized session. Depending on your responses, we may talk about anything from technical or practical issues to emotional blocks. Whatever is keeping you from planning, creating and marketing your book with confidence and clarity is fair game.

Though we can't cover everything in a single call, I'm certain we can leave you feeling able to move forward more effectively.

You may decide you want to work further with me after the call, but there's no obligation to do so. These calls are my way of paying the help others have given me forward.


To get the process started,  use the contact form to let me know of your interest. 

I look forward to helping you enjoy clarity, confidence, and connection in your book creation journey.

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