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Stories of Inspiration: Historical Fiction


Edited by Suzanne and featuring a Preface by Eliot Pattison, Stories of Inspiration: Historical Fiction Edition offers fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpses of how 39 authors from the U.S., U.K., and beyond transform the first glimmer of an idea and a set of historical facts into a complete and compelling novel or story.

The eras their works depict range from the Stone Age to the late 20th century, while the places encompass many of the globe’s most fascinating locations. Equally diverse are the questions the collection explores. Where do works of historical fiction find their starting points? How are those seeds refined into story? Why does one milieu or era resonate for an author when others do not? What are the gifts and challenges of using the past as source? Where does historical accuracy end and fictional power begin? 

Illuminating the work, process and personalities of exceptional authors from around the world; investigating the intricate ties between past and present, fact and fiction; and celebrating the nature of the creative process itself, Stories of Inspiration: Historical Fiction Edition will appeal to readers of literature and fiction, lovers of history and travel, and writers seeking inspiration for their own work.

With contributions from Frances Brody, Elizabeth Brundage, Megan Chance, Gary Corby, Glen Craney, Rosemary Dronchi, Ellen Feldman, Natalie S. Harnett, Andrew Hughes, M.R.C. Kasasian, Philip Kazan, Jennifer Kincheloe, Deryn Lake, Deborah Lawrenson, Gene Lee, Joan Lennon, Michelle Lovric, Cindy Marsch, Sarah McCoy, James McGee, Miranda Miller, Judith Clare Mitchell, Chris Nickson, Ann Parker, Charles Palliser, Eliot Pattison, Alyssa Palombo, Sue Purkiss, Celia Rees, Elizabeth Rosner, Steven Saylor, Cam Terwilliger, Janet Todd, Bob can Laerhoven and Josa Young

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