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Picturing My Mother

"Writing about some of my favorite family photos gave me an entirely new perspective on them. As I began to set my thoughts down, buried memories and emotions began to emerge from even the most familiar images. I hope this book will inspire others not only to recall some resonant experience with their own mothers, but also to do some writing from their  family photos. I promise, it will be a rewarding journey." —Suzanne Fox


In Picturing My Mother: Memories of Patricia Anne Fox, Suzanne explores the memories inspired by personal and family photos of her mother Pat. A carefully-posed and retouched studio portrait, taken in childhood, nevertheless yields a glimpse of the warm, playful spirit of the woman to come. A 1960s snapshot pays homage to the stylishness that can be achieved on a tiny budget. Photos of Pat with her children and grandchildren attest to her deep love and appreciation for children, not just her own but others as well. Together, pictures and essays celebrate a strong and loving woman . . . the places and times she experienced . . . and the wise life lessons she left behind.


As the book demonstrates, personal and family photographs are a treasure trove of memories. Each image invites us to pause in a moment from the past, experiencing not just who and what is pictured but also the sensations of a particular time, place, and event. We glimpse details that reveal the styles of an era, the customs of a region, the traits of an individual or family—things that, though small in themselves, nevertheless speak powerfully to values, experiences, character and choices.

Picturing My Mother is a warm celebration of a mother's vibrant personality, a daughter's gratitude, the resonance of times past, and the power of photographs themselves.


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