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The Mentor That Matters


In every life, there is at least one “mentor that matters”: a person whose insights spark change and whose influence endures. In a series of brief and richly thought-provoking essays written by both recognized “names” and extraordinary ordinary Americans, The Mentor That Matters shares the perspectives of forty unique individuals speaking about one person who unforgettably and permanently changed their lives.

Encompassing professional fields including academia, the arts, business, science, philanthropy, and more, each contributor’s story is vividly different. Yet all explore the same core questions.


How do we define and achieve excellence? How can another person help us be most powerfully ourselves? How can we best honor our mentors and pass on the gifts they have given us? What do the transformational individuals we have encountered teach us about becoming role models, inspirations and mentors ourselves?

The Mentor That Matters explores these questions and more.


Edited by siblings Suzanne and Andy Fox, The Mentor that Matters is go-to reading for anyone interested in personal growth, teaching in all of its different forms, or the trajectory of lives of achievement.

With contributions from Leah Abrahams, J. David Beam, Kim Becker, Ken Benedict, Marilyn Bousquin, Hale Bradt, Barbara Alan Brooks, Grayson Chesser, Mary Edwards, Kathy Evans, Andy Fox, Raymond Hengerer, James R. Hicks, Sue Holbrook, Cynthia Hurst, Bill Keeton, Frances King, Linda Leary, Gene Lee, Ken Levine, Debra M. Lewis, Becky Loar, Pat Murphy McClelland, Lydia McGranahan, John Mackie, Glenn Marsch, Susan Mazza, Lisa Nirell, Jay Parini, Ann Parker, Peter H. Raven, Chris Rinaman, Zoya Schmuter, Delia Sebora, G. Ledyard Stebbins, Laura Steward, Cathy Truehart, Rebecca Tyndall, Edward O. Wilson, and Bob Zielsdorf

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