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Grief Country

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Pairing brief, lyrical text with atmospheric images, Grief Country traces the journey through the landscape of bereavement, moving from its initial cold and disorientation through a slow bloom into warmth again.


Grief Country grew out of Suzanne’s personal experience of loss, her work as a participating artist in the Art of Hospice collaboration between the Vero Beach Museum of Art and the VNA of the Treasure Coast Hospice, and her lifelong belief in the healing power of image and story. The result is a gentle walk through the experience of bereavement that affirms the gifts that ultimately come from the journey, yet offers no facile or simplistic "solutions."

Brief enough to scan in minutes yet resonant enough to return to again and again, it’s a comforting companion when you are dealing with loss. And because it’s designed to resonate for people of all ages, genders, backgrounds, and spiritual beliefs, it makes a comforting and supportive gift for anyone who is experiencing bereavement. 

Printed in gentle sepia tones, the Reflections Edition includes gentle journaling pages that help readers explore and record their personal journeys.


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